Our Community Partners

Urban Impact

Urban Impact is a multi-layered program which addresses the individual’s basic needs, safety needs, and psychological needs to assist the individual in healing from destructive patterns and traumatic experiences while giving the ability to fade away and disengage from the subculture of gangs. The Urban Impact Program also includes services like Violence Interruption and Community Mobilization. In addition, Urban Impact offers Professional Development and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Services provided:

  • 12-24 week 1:1 Case Management (referral required from school or juvenile system).
  • Youth on a Mission Curriculum (Psycho-educational Groups)
  • Youth Empowerment Building
  • Therapist of Color Collaborative
  • Girls & Gangs groups for young women
The Diversion Program

The Diversion Program offers prevention and intervention services for youth. Diversion provides youth and families access to the same resources and services as youth referred from Municipal Juvenile Court but requires no formal system involvement. The program is designed to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system and gives schools an alternative to referring youth to juvenile court. The Diversion Program is offered through Denver Public Safety and is partnering with Montbello High School to work with students that would have otherwise been ticketed and sent to court for charges such as marijuana possession, disturbing the peace, assault, etc. They work directly with students and families to address issues that may have led to the student being ticketed otherwise.

Services provided:

  • Municipal Juvenile Diversion
  • Truancy Court Diversion
  • Alternative to Citation Program
  • ROCK Project
  • Voluntary Diversion
  • Runaway Outreach, Notification, and Intervention (RONI)
  • Denver Juvenile Human Trafficking Multi-Disciplinary Team

Contact Information:

What About Me (WAM)

What About Me (WAM) offers expertise that focus on educating and bridging the gap with staff, students and families by using evidence-based practice interventions and workshops. WAM offers three workshops: These interactive sessions will give strategies to equip educators and administrators on how to recognize warning signs of mental health needs and have the tools that can be effectively utilized during an escalated behavior and prioritize safety. Gang prevention workshops will include a cognitive-based curriculum that teaches students life skills such as conflict resolution, responsibility, appreciating cultural diversity, and goal setting. All of these skills are presented with an emphasis on how crime affects victims and how youths can meet basic social needs without resorting to joining a gang. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for athletes will provide interventions to help athletes manage stress, improve their performances, and mental health. These engaging workshops will help athletes to identify the source of their stress, understand how they responded emotionally, and empower them to respond more constructively.

In addition, WAM offers a six week youth empowerment workshop that is specifically designed for young women of color. The goal of these workshops is to help young women recognize their self worth and improve self esteem.

Services provided:

  • Groups for young women of color
  • Workshops

Contact Information:

Cyndi Hawkes, MSW
Educational Social Work Consultant
CEO: What About Me… Bridging the Gap, LLC
Email: info@wambtg.com
Website: https://wambtg.com

Jayden’s Place

Jayden’s Place is a non-profit that believes that all are deserving and that simple decency, kindness, support, consistency, and love can transform almost any interaction in a child’s life and future. That in every human interaction, people have the ability and the power to create and shape an extraordinary future for our youth.

Jayden’s Place provides a safe and comfortable space for youth to gather and engage with each other. It is located in the Montbello community and has partnered with several Montbello businesses in hopes to further serve kids in the Montbello area. On Monday’s, Jayden’s Place provides Meals & Motivational Speakers. They serve dinner to the youth and have guest speakers come to speak to them during that time. They also have Dinner & Discussions on Wednesday’s in which they serve dinner and have group discussions regarding topics chosen by the youth. In addition, they have Fire Pit Fridays where they allow students to gather around the fire pit, listen to music, hang with friends, make smores and eat pizza.

Services provided:

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring/Advisors
  • Sports
  • Weight room
  • art/music
  • Haircuts
  • Food bank
  • Community Gardens
  • Free clothing
  • Guest speakers
  • Dinner nights featuring Men of Character & Women in Power

Contact Information:

Monique Penner

Words to Power

Words to Power is a nonprofit that shows youth the power of their words through engaging spoken word poetry workshops, school-based open mic events, and youth-written books. They are currently distributing their 2022 book of youth poetry for free as part of our programs.

Services provided:

  • 60–75 minute workshops
  • Flexible partnerships
  • Basic: one-time workshop in 1 or more classes
  • Intensive: 2-4 workshops in each class
  • All-inclusive: 4 workshops in each class with open mic assembly

Contact Information:

Ara Cruz (He/Him)
Founder, Award-Winning Educator/Poet, Workshop Facilitator
Words To Power
Schedule a meeting or workshop @  www.calendly.com/ara-wtp

Denver Kids

Denver Kids empowers students to positively shape their lives, successfully complete High School, and pursue secondary options. Their vision is that every student graduates. Every student is prepared with life skills, equipped with a greater understanding of self, and empowered to pursue their meaningful pathway post-graduation.

Services provided:

  • Social, Emotional and Academic Learning Tools
  • Dedicated mentor
  • School and family engagement
  • Enrichment experiences
  • Educational Counselor
  • Future planning

Contact Information:

Ariane Brown
Educational SEAL Counselor (Far Northeast Region)
1617 S. Acoma St., 2nd Floor | Denver, CO 80223


Improv is an organization run by Lainie Hodges. Lainie is a coach, facilitator, speaker and mentor who uses the power of performance to help groups and individuals to grow and develop. Using the tool of improvisation games and exercises, she creates a safe environment for people to challenge themselves in a way that moves them closer to their goals.

Contact Information:

Lainie Hodges
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Other Partnerships

Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver Outreach Program (GRID)

Contact Information:

Lupe Flores 
Office of Community Violence Solutions
Outreach Case Coordinator – Gender Specific Programing
Department of Public Safety | City and County of Denver
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Denver Public Library – Montbello Branch

The Montbello Branch is an incredible resource, and a valuable and safe space for the Montbello community and our students. We are excited to partner with the Montbello Branch of the Denver Public Library to provide resources for our students and community, by amplifying student and youth voices to direct youth programming initiatives through the Teen Advisory Board.

Learn more about the Montbello Branch of the Denver Public Library

Obtenga más información sobre la sucursal de Montbello de la Biblioteca Pública de Denver